KUlture TV Ep. 11 - Cheering on Korea FIFA 2014

If you’ve ever wondered what Korean fans have been yelling at the World Cup, now’s your chance to learn! Get your red and get ready to cheer!  

I haven’t really been blogging lately, but there’s a new KUlture TV episode out! 

KUlture TV Ep. 9 - Heyyy Good Looking! 

New episode is up on KUlture TV! You know what to do!

KUlture TV Ep. 7 - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Come on guys! Let’s get those likes and views up! FIGHTING!

Birthday Brunch [Part 4 of 4]


What better way to conclude the trilogy of my 21st birthday celebrations than with a part 4? The day after my party was Sunday and Sunday to me means brunch! 

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KUlture TV Episode 6 - Hair Salon

Have you seen Alexander with a perm? As in a perm that looks like a poodle??? You can see that and more on this episode of KUlture TV! Make sure to like and share the video as well as subscribe to our channel! 

Indoor Garden Party [Part 3 of 4]


It’s finally here! There were so many great photos and memories from my indoor garden party, but unfortunately, they wouldn’t all fit in one post! Here’s what made the final cut, and I hope you enjoy!

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Happy 21st to Me: Polka Dots Galore & Pasta to Die For [Part 2 of 4]


Apologies for the snail-like pace I’ve been going as far as posting. I’ve been living with my grandmother for the last few days, and since she doesn’t have internet and I have a 9 o’clockish curfew, having enough time for blogging has been almost impossible! 

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Happy 21st to Me! [Part 1 of 4]


The first part of my 21st birthday celebrations started on the Thursday before my actual birthday with the English Speakers Social. We decided to do something “special” and got drinks at Dillinger’s Bar & Grill in Itaewon.

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Photo May 14, 5 46 42

I apologize on behalf of my hair. It’s currently going through some growing pains.

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The Red Velvet Cake @ Glamorous Penguin


So when I thought nothing could surpass that glorious lemon meringue cake in my previous post, I then tried the red velvet. Lord have mercy.

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The Lemon Meringue Cake @ Glamorous Penguin


In the search for my birthday cake, I decided to venture to a very popular cake and coffee shop called Glamorous Penguin.

Ignore the bizarre name and just eat their cake. 

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Namdaemun Flower Market


Within the craziness that is Namdaemun Market, there is an indoor flower market bursting with practically anything you may need for your floral needs. 

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