Slurping Down Noodles at Bone Daddies

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I never much cared for ramen. By ramen I mean the kind I got from the Korean store that came in those foil packets with a flavour packet and dehydrated veg medley. It was always just one of those stereotypically lazy day meals that sated the belly because who doesn’t like a bowl of noodles in a spicy broth?

Well, I now know there is more to the ramen life than sodium bomb packets and dehydrated seaweed and scallions, thanks to Bone Daddies.

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Breakfast Date at Hash E8

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All ye gluten-intolerant and Celiacs rejoice! Spuds galore and more at Dalston’s Hash E8!

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I’m moving to London for good, and unsurprising, that means I’m spending most of my summer seeing family. Nothing says “let’s all get together one last time because this could be it for years to come” than a birthday party celebrating 6 birthdays (I was originally told 5 so that’s why the cake says x5)! All the summer birthdays plus both of my parents all done in one shot. I, of course, was placed in charge of dessert. 

This chocolate cake and ganache RECIPE is now my favourite of ALL TIME. I am not exaggerating one bit. I will make this cake until the day I day. I made mine with a slightly sour cream cheese filling that went perfectly with the extra dark cake and ganache. Life. Changing. 

*** Please excuse my horrible piping on the cake. I ended up having to use my cousin’s piping tips, and I have no idea where they came from. I think they’re meant to be super child friendly, but they don’t produce the best control of designs. *** 

The fruit tart was whipped up with a generic pastry crust and filled with some leftover lemon curd that went a long way when folded with whipped cream. The last part was just arranging the berries on top! Su-per simple. I didn’t have anything to glaze the fruits but was too exhausted to worry about it.

I hope you guys are enjoying your last bits of summer! If not, go out and find out!

KUlture TV Ep. 14 - Season Finale

My final episode T.T

Goodbye to KUlture TV and Seoul!


I left Seoul, said goodbye to a lot of great people, and my last KUlture TV episode went up. Now, I think it’s appropriate to share some photos from my little going away party!

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